Migrations and racism/ethnicism

(Globalization and social recomposition, IV: migration and ethnicity)

Jean Nanga

Global Justice School 2003


I                     Introduction


II                 An old issue

Ø     Migrations

Ø     Racism/ethnicism


III              Capitalism and migrations

Ø     Migration: factor of capitalist development

§        Internal and international/intercontinental migrations

§        Colonial migrations

§        Organization of the migration of labour: from the end of the Second World War to the 1970s

Ø     Crisis of capitalism and anti-immigration politics

§        Legislative restrictions

§        Selective free circulation: the case of the Schengen process

§        Clandestine immigration, work “under the table” and brain drains


IV              Racism and anti-racism

Ø     Neoliberalism and reactionary populisms

§        Rise of fascism

§        “Left-wing” chauvinism

§        African forms of chauvinism

Ø     Anti-racism

§        Youth and anti-racist consciousness

§        Undocumented immigrants and trade-union movements


V                  Challenges for revolutionaries

Ø     Self-organization

Ø     The global justice movement: for a real politics of human equality in a world without borders

Ø     Internationalist parties on the local level