Global Justice School / École altermondialiste 2003



(Globalization and political recomposition, III:

European integration and the anti-capitalist left)

G. Buster



1/ A little history of how and why the EC was established after the II World War: its class nature.


2/ The EC answer to the 1989 change in the world situation: the Maastricht Treaty (EU), Enlargement and the Euro.


3/ The "European social model" and its social and political effects.


4/ The extension of the neoliberal policies to Central and Eastern Europe. How it's being done and effects. Center and periphery in the EU


5/ The demographies of the EU and emigration policies. Fortress-Europe


6/ The EU as a world power. Diplomacy and Defense. Contradictions with the USA. The Balkans and the Iraq war.


7/ Governance, institutions and the European Constitution.


8/ Building an alternative: the Anticapitalist European Conference.


9/ Building an alternative: from resistance to an alternative Constitution for Europe.