Global Justice School / École altermondialiste 2003


Alternative politics II: rethinking trade and finance


Eric Toussaint <>


1st Part:


The struggle for debt cancellation and to put an end to structural adjustment policies

A front of debtor nations

Alternative means of funding development


Redistributing ill-gotten goods

Mobilizing national resources through fiscal reform and land reform


Right to protectionism


Control over capital movements


Tobin Tax and other global taxes


Public aid to development / Reparations


South-South trade agreements

Coalition of producer countries


Recovering control over natural resources and re-nationalizing privatized firms


2nd part


Latin America


Ongoing political experiences


Brazil: Lula government's neo-liberal course


Argentina: from the prerevolutionary crisis of Dec. 2001 to "back to business"


Venezuela: Attempt to change things from above. Most advanced current experience.


Cuba: resistance.