6 June 2005                                                                                                                                          Global Justice School

Globalization and social recomposition, V:

LGBT communities and struggles in the dependent world

Peter Drucker



Place of report in session: gender and 'identity politics'

Sexual politics: the Marxist tradition

Bolshevism, Stalinism, Maoism, the Cuban and Nicaraguan revolutions

In the FI: Europe, Mexico, the world

Goals of report

Limits of report

I. The diversity of same-sex sexualities

Discussing sexuality as Marxists and feminists

Essentialism and (combined and uneven) social construction

Desire, behaviour and identity

Different social constructions of same-sex sexuality

            Transgender: Latin American, South(east) Asian and African-derived forms

            Transgenerational: the Islamic world

            Lesbianism, possible and invisible

            The specificity of 'lesbian/gay': identity, community, and ghetto


II. Capitalist development, globalization and same-sex sexualities


Capitalist reproduction, gender roles and the heterosexual norm

Colonialism and the heterosexual norm

Industrial capitalism and transgender in Europe and Latin America

The expansive long wave of 1945-73, Fordism, the welfare state and the rise of lesbian/gay


The neoliberal model: social and sexual polarization

Neocolonial 'authenticity' and cultural globalization

The impact of economic crises (1982, 1997)

Transgender and gay in the dependent world: class, autonomy and alliances

'Queer' politics and 'queer theory': beyond identity?


III. LGBT organizing / anti-capitalist organizing


Between sexual 'free market' and reaction

The fight for democracy and equality, legal and real: the South African example

Sex trade and sex tourism: repression or self-organization?

LGBT migrants: globalizing resistance

The AIDS crisis, homosexual and heterosexual: multinationals and governments

Against neoliberalism: beginnings in Porto Alegre, Florence, Mumbai…

Our (potential) lesbian/gay comrades