Global Justice School 2005

Globalization and political recomposition, III:

European integration and the radical left

Ollivier, 11 June


Introduction: the current crisis of the European Union


I. The major stages of European construction


II. Methodological problems


III. The phases of European construction


* From the 1950s to the end of the '70s

* The 1980s: neo-liberal offensive

* After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the USSR

* The current phase of European construction. The significance of the European constitution


IV. Crisis and realignments of political forces


* The significance of the no's to the European constitution

*An expression of the correlation of social and political forces

*Right-wing forces

*European social democracy

*The trade unions

*The Communist parties


V. The anti-capitalist left


*Elements of programmatic responses

* United front tactics and an anti-capitalist alternative

*Elements of experiences of building revolutionary, anti-capitalist parties in Europe