Women's Liberation Strategy Seminar 2002

This year we are planning a one-week seminar on our women's liberation work. This session is meant for the leaders of women's liberation work on the radical left. Following the World March 2000 of Women against Poverty and Violence, we will be elaborating our analysis and perspectives on women's role (and sometime absence!) in current discussions within the anti-globalization movement, with particular reference to the regional World Social Forum and the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre 2003. We encourage participation from as many imperialist countries as possible, both from inside and outside Europe and from the South. We are currently seeking funding for women to attend from dependent countries.


Women's Liberation Strategy Seminar

(in English, Castilian, French): 7 - 13 July 2002

Fee: 100 (dependent countries) / 200 (all others)


Agenda and Readings

Preliminary Readings

Women and Economic Integration - 1995 Discussion Text for 14th World Congress

Dynamics of Mass Movements and Feminist Currents - Resolution on Women in Latin America 1991

The Changing Forms of the Struggle for Women's Liberation - Resolution on Women in West Europe/North America 1991

                  Saturday 6 July



                  Sunday 7 July


                  Afternoon: Introductions

                    Evening: Country reports on women's liberation work

                  Monday 8 July

                  Morning: Reports on World March for Women 2000

             World March for Women 2000 Report

Porto Alegre II

             World March for Women 2000 Report

                  Afternoon: Plans for Regional Social Forums and Plans for Porto Alegre III

Feminist Participation in the European Social Forum


                  Tuesday 9 July

                  Morning:World Congress documents: World Political Resolution (Susan)

                  Afternoon: Feminist questions or critique


                  Wednesday 10 July

                  Morning: World Congress documents: Tasks and perspectives (Terry)

                  Afternoon: Feminist questions or critique


                  Thursday 11 July

                  Morning: Women and the Fourth International (Penelope)

                  Afternoon: Discussion


                  Friday 12 July

                  Morning: Possible amendments to World Congress documents / Plans for future meetings

                  Afternoon: Final summary and Cleaning and departure


                  Saturday 13 July (for those who can stay)

                  Morning: Visit to the Amsterdam Historical Museum's Prostitution in Amsterdam exhibit

                  Afternoon: Visit Amsterdam


                  Sunday 14 July

                  Final Cleaning and departures