Women Seminar 2006

6 – 13 July 2006


Theme:  “Reviewing Strategies and Defining Perspectives of our International Women’s Work”




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Women Seminar Program 2006

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The readings of the seminar:


1.      July 7 On the topic about FI History of the Women’s Movement

1.1.           FI World Congress Resolution 1979 (Socialist Revolution and the Struggle for Women's Liberation)

1.2.           Resolution on women in West Europe/North America 1991 (The Changing Forms of the Struggle for Women’s Liberation)

1.3.           Resolution on women in Latin America 1991 (Dynamics of Mass Movements and Feminist Currents)

1.4.           1995 Discussion Text for the FI 14th World Congress (Women and Economic Integration)    

1.5.           1991 Positive Action and Party Building Among Women

1.6.           Proposal by the IEC Women’s Commission (Point 15 of the FI Document on “Building the Fourth International)

1.7.           Feminism and global justice: what is at stake


2.      July 8 On the country reports for France and Quebec

2.1.           World March of Women Reports


3.      July 9  On the country report in Brazil

3.1.           Women and the FI in Brazil


4.      July 10  On the country report in the Philippines

4.1.           Women’s Liberation Movement: The Philippine Experience


Other Country Reports

4.2.           Report from Senegal


5.      July 11  On the topic “Women Militants in our Organizations”


6.      July 12  On the discussion about “Proposals for the Women’s School Curriculum

6.1.           Reference material: 1998 Women’s School Curriculum