Youth School 2005

Marxism: the dialectical materialist conception of history

Jean — 21 August 2005



  - Marxism between past and future

  - The materialist dialectic as quintessence of Marxism: empiricism and political theory

  - Limits of the report


I. The dialectic: from Hegel to living Marxism


  - Hegel: the dialectic and history

  - Engels and Marx: materialist critics of the Hegelian dialectic of history

          The meaning of ‘turning Hegel on his head’

  - The Marxist tradition:

          . ‘Diamat’

          . The living dialectic of history


II. On some problems of ‘historical materialism’


   - On the Preface to the Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy

   - The material base: nature and economy

   - Social classes and the complexity of contemporary human societies

          . Class struggle

          . Gender

          . ‘Races’ or ‘nationalities’

   - The state and power:

          . State power

          . Micro-powers

   - Ideology:

          . ‘Consciousness as reflection’ and ‘utopian consciousness’

          . Ideology and the capitalist culture industry


III. By way of non-conclusion: