Youth School 2005

Sub-Saharan Africa and Permanent Revolution

Jean — 23/8/2005




 * Africa in the dominant discourse

 * Universality of Marxism?

 * Africa: a testing ground for permanent revolution?


 1-The theory of permanent revolution

- Marx/Engels: from the revolution in permanence to the transition from the Russian mir to communism (correspondence with Vera Zassulich)

                - Leon Trotsky, theorist of permanent revolution

                                The law of combined and uneven development

                                Permanent revolution: from 1905 to 1917

                                The transitional programme

                                Third World revolutions (China, Cuba)


 2- Revolution in Africa

                 - Africa and Marxism:

                                 The ideology of “Western ideology”

                                 Africa and Capital

                 - Frantz Fanon, Amilcar Cabral and the People's National Democratic Revolution

                                 On the Stalinist tradition

                                 On the uselessness of the bourgeois phase

                                 On the suicide of the petty bourgeoisie as a class

- On democratization in Africa, or, from classical neo-colonialism to neoliberal neo-colonialism


 3- The South African case

                - South African society:

                                - Colonization

                                - Apartheid

                - 'National' consciousness and class-consciousness

                                - 'Racial' anti-apartheid movements and parties

- The trade unions

- The Freedom Charter

                - The 1980s and '90s

                                - The conjuncture

                                - The ANC and SACP faced with the Freedom Charter and socialism

                                - The National Forum and permanent revolution

                - Provisional balance sheet of a decade of National Democratic Revolution


By way of conclusion

The bougeois-capitalist African Renaissance: the African Union and NEPAD

Revolutionary socialist Pan-Africanism?