World events

Workers' movement

Communist movement


Fourth International



1864 foundation 1st International

1889 foundation 2nd International

1st wave women's movement



1914  outbreak of 1st World War

1916 Irish Easter Rising

1918 end of 1st World War


1914 German SPD votes war credits in Reichstag

1917 Russian Revolution



1919 foundation 3rd International





1918-23 German and Hungarian revolutions

1924 Death of Lenin


Development of solidarity with Russian revolution

1923 Founding of Left Opposition

1929 Trotsky expelled from USSR

1933 Hitler takes power in Germany

1936 Spanish Civil War

1939 outbreak of 2nd World War

1936 Popular Front elected in France, Spain


1934-35 Long March in China

1936-38 Moscow trials

1939 Stalin Hitler pact


1936 International Brigades in Spain


1938 Transitional Programme;  foundation of Fourth International


1940 Hitler invades USSR

8th May 1945 end of war in Europe

6th August 1945 Nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima


1943 Dissolution 3rd International

Resistance to German occupation in France, Italy, etc.



1940 Trotsky assassinated

1947 Independence of India – beginning of postwar decolonization

1949 Chinese revolution






1950-53 Korean War

1959 Cuban revolution

1953 death of Stalin

1956 Hungary

Civil rights movt (US)

Cuba solidarity

1953 split

1965 US escalates Vietnam War

Wave of African decolonisation

1967 Death of Che

1968 10 million general strike in France

1969 Start of "Troubles" in North of Ireland

1961 Sino-Soviet split

1968 Czechoslovakia

Anti-war (US)

Vietnam solidarity

1968 student radicalisation Paris, Mexico, Berlin, US etc

1969 Stonewall rebellion

Women's liberation movement

1963 reunification

1964 LSSP enters bourgeois government, break with Fourth International

1969 guerrilla warfare orientation

1973 Pinochet coup

1975 US quits Vietnam, NLF victory

1976 death of Franco

1979 Iranian revolution

Election Thatcher GB

1971 election Allende

1974 Portuguese revolution

1979 Nicaragua




Solidarity movements PLO/IRA


1974 statutes

1979 women's liberation text

1979 turn to industry

1979/85 socialist democracy text


1980 Election Reagan US

1989 Fall of Berlin wall

1984-85 British miners' strike

1980-81 Solidarnosc in Poland

Anti-missile movement

Central America solidarity

break with US & Australian SWPs

1982 IEC resolution on youth orgs

1984 1st youth camp

1991 1st Gulf war

1994 end of apartheid

1994 Zapatista uprising

1995 French strikes

1998 Chávez president of Venezuela


1999 Seattle demo


1991 women's radicalisation in Latin America text

Positive action text

1995 Building FI document

2003 invasion of Iraq

2002 Argentina

2003 Lula elected in Brazil


2001 1st WSF in Porto Alegre

2004 4th WSF in Mumbai

1995/2003 Ecology text

2003 lgbt text

2003 new statutes