Monday 27th august

Role of the youth




  1. What is youth in capitalist society
    1. Defined by social conditions
    2. Reproduction of labour

                                                               i.      Role of family and state (education)

                                                             ii.      Relative freedom in reproduction

    1. The struggle for more free time
    2. Integration into capitalist society

                                                               i.      The “dangerous” youth

    1. Youth and changes in society

                                                               i.      The life of a new generation is different from the former

  1. The organisation of youth in revolutionary organisations
    1. Youth radicalisation

                                                               i.      1968

    1. The need for youth structures

                                                               i.      new generations,  new experiences , creativity

                                                             ii.      Different organisational answers

1.      Independent youth organisation

2.      Youth structure inside the party

    1. Integration of youth and youth issues in adult party.