Global Justice School 2003

Programme and Lectures



1.      Introduction – Peter Drucker / Susan Caldwell

1.1.    IIRE Global Justice School: general introduction

1.2.    Report on Fellows' Seminar

2.      The economics of globalization: towards a new mode of accumulation? – Stephanie Treillet

2.0.    Outline

2.1.    Claudio Katz, "Imperialism in the 21st century" (IVP 345, November 2002)

2.2.    Robert Went, "Globalization: towards ultra-imperialism?" (written for Cahiers de critique communiste, October 2003)

2.3.    IIRE, "Marxist economy – handbook of basic definitions" (September 1983)

3.      Globalization and social recomposition, I: gender – Susan Caldwell

3.0.    Outline

3.1.    Stéphanie Treillet, "Women's oppression under globalization" (translation from Critique Communiste, September 2003)

3.2.    Nadia DeMond, "ESF: Feminism and the movement" (IVP 354, November 2003)

3.3.    Susan Caldwell, "Women lead the way" (IVP  327, January 2001)

3.4.    World March of Women, "2000 good reasons to change course!" (October 2000)

3.5.    Frédérique Vinteuil, "Marxism and Feminism" (translated from Critique Communiste, spécial Marx, 1983)

4.      LGBT communities and struggles in the dependent world – Peter Drucker

4.0.    Outline

4.1.    FI 15th World Congress, 'On lesbian/gay liberation' (2003)

5.      Globalization and social recomposition, II: what's become of the working class? – Claude Jacquin

5.0.    Outline " 'Globalization': simply a stage in the internationalization of capital or a new form of organization of capital?"  (2003)

6.      Globalization and social recomposition, III: land, water and peasantries – Pierre Rousset

6.0.    Outline

6.1.    Via Campesina, "What is the Via Campesina?", "Biodiversity, biosafety and genetic resources" and "Food sovereignty and international trade" (

6.2.    FI 15th World Congress, 'Ecology and socialism' (2003)

7.      Globalization and social recomposition, IV: migration and ethnicity – Jean Nanga

7.0.    Outline

7.1.    Terry Conway et al., "Migration: complete control" (IVP 343, Sept. 2002)

7.2.    Etienne Balibar, "Racism and crisis", from Balibar & Wallerstein, Race, Nation, Class: Ambiguous Identities (London: Verso, 1991)

7.3.    Gloria Wekker, "What can European women learn from anti-racist struggles in the United States?", in Helma Lutz et al. eds., Crossfires: Nationalism, Racism and Gender in Europe (London: Pluto, 1995)

7.4.    Ron Blom, "Racism and resistance in Europe" (IVP 279, July 1996)



8.      Globalization and global disorder: the US empire faced with failed states, asymmetrical warfare and other challenges – Gilbert Achcar

8.0.    Outline

8.1.    Excerpt from Gilbert Achcar, The Clash of Barbarisms: September 11 and the Making of a New World Disorder (New York: Monthly Review Press, 2002 – IIRE Notebook for Study and Research no. 33/34)

8.2.    Gilbert Achcar, "The Empire prepares to strike"(in Eastern Cauldron, New York: Monthly Review Press, forthcoming 2004)

9.      Islamic fundamentalism – Gilbert Achcar

9.0.    Outline

9.1.    Excerpts from Gilbert Achcar, Clash of Barbarisms

9.2.    Sedef Ozturk, " Women and Islam"; "Islam cannot resolve women's problems";  "Artificial categories and hasty judgements"; and "Religion is the most rigid of all ideologies"  (International Viewpoint 158, March 1989)

10. Globalization, nation-states, regional blocks and international institutions – G. Buster

10.0.       Outline

10.1.       Peter Gowan, Leo Panitch and Martin Shaw, "The state, globalisation and the new imperialism"  (Historical Materialism no. 9, autumn 2001)

10.2.       Paul Hirst, "Politics: territorial or non-territorial?"  (, 2001)

11. Globalization and political representation: movements, parties and rethinking democracy – Pierre Rousset

11.0.       Outline

11.1.       Extracts from Daniel Bensaïd, Revolutionary Strategy Today (Amsterdam: IIRE Notebook no. 4, 1987)

11.2.       Alain Krivine and Chris Harman, "The future of the revolutionary left" (International Viewpoint 336, Dec. 2001)

11.3.       Michael Löwy, "Marxism: towards a fifth international?" (International Viewpoint 348, Mar. 2003)

12. Globalization and political recomposition, I: what role for the State: the question of Africa – Jean Nanga

12.0.       Outline

12.1.       Excerpt from Leon Trotsky, History of the Russian Revolution (London: Sphere Books, 1967)

12.2.       Jean Nanga, "The marginalization of Sub-Saharan Africa" (International Viewpoint 355, Dec.  2003)

12.3.       Extracts from Amilcar Cabral, Unity and Struggle (New York: Monthly Review, 1979)

12.4.       Jean Mpelé, "Congo: High stakes in Brazzaville" (International Viewpoint 246, June 1993)

12.5.       "Another Africa is possible"

13. Globalization and political recomposition, II: cracks in the Asian models – Pierre Rousset

13.0.       Outline

13.1.       Introduction to the document, "Resistances to capitalist globalization" (written for 15th FI World Congress, International Viewpoint 351/2, summer 2003)

13.2.       Maxime Durand, "Asia's four-in-one crisis" (International Viewpoint 298, Mar.1998)

13.3.       Pierre Rousset, "Asia-Pacific: birth of a new internationalism" (International Viewpoint 343, Sept. 2002)

13.4.       Pierre Rousset, "The World Social Forum 2004 preparation" (Sand in the Wheels 184, Oct. 2003)

14. Globalization and political recomposition, III: European integration and the anti-capitalist left – G. Buster

14.0.       Outline

14.1.       François Vercammen, "Is the European Union becoming a world power?" (International Viewpoint 319, Feb. 2000)

14.2.       G. Buster, "'All except weapons'"  (International Viewpoint 331, May 2001)

14.3.       François Vercammen, "Europe: the new stage and its difficulties" (International Viewpoint 354, Nov. 2003)

14.4.       G. Buster, "European Union: at the crossroads " (International Viewpoint 354, Nov. 2003)



15. Alternative policies, I: 'delinking' or a different globalization? – Stéphanie Treillet

15.0.       Outline

15.1.       Lee Chang-geun, 'People's responses to the WTO: exclusion or inclusion ?' (July 2000)

15.2.       Patrick Bond, '"Deglobalisation"? Sure, but what's next?' (Green Left Weekly, 26 Feb. 2003)

15.3.       Victor Wallis, 'What alternative to globalization?' (Monthly Review, Sept. 2002)

16. Alternative policies, II: rethinking trade and finance – Eric Toussaint

16.0.       Outline

16.1.       Eric Toussaint, 'Abolish the debt to free development: Ideas for alternatives' (2003)

17. Campaigning against structural adjustment and debt – Eric Toussaint

17.0.       Outline

18. Confronting neoliberal globalization, the globalization of resistance: the Social Forums – Eric Toussaint

18.0.       Outline

18.1.       Eric Toussaint, 'Globalize resistance' (2003)

18.2.       Salvatore Cannavo, 'World Social Forum: from event to movement' (IVP no. 339, Apr. 2002)

18.3.       Interview by Sergio Ferrari with Eric Toussaint, 'World Social Forum: from Porto Alegre to India' (2003)

18.4.       World Social Forum, 'Call of social movements' (Porto Alegre, Jan. 2003)

19. Rethinking the international – Penny Duggan

19.0.       Outline

19.1.       Excerpt from FI 12th World Congress, 'Dictatorship of the proletariat and socialist democracy' (from IVP special issue, Resolutions of the Twelfth World Congress of the Fourth International, 1985)

19.2.       Excerpt from FI 15th World Congress, 'Role and tasks of the Fourth International' (International Viewpoint no. 351-2, summer 2003)

19.3.       Excerpt from FI 11th World Congress, 'Socialist revolution and the struggle for women's liberation' (from 1979 World Congress of the Fourth International: Major Resolutions and Reports)

19.4.       Excerpt from Ernest Mandel, The Leninist Theory of Organisation (1972)

19.5.       Excerpt from Virginia Vargas, 'Women: tragic encounters with the left', Report on the Americas vol. 25 no. 5 (May 1992)

19.6.       Excerpt from Jo Freeman, 'Tyranny of structurelessness' (in Ms. Magazine, 1973)

19.7.       Excerpt from FI 13th World Congress, 'Resolution on positive action' (from International Discussion Bulletin no. 1, 1991)

19.8.       Excerpt from the Code of Conduct of the ICS (Indian section of the FI)

19.9.       Interview with Philippine women, 'Now you can participate as a whole person', International Viewpoint 275 (Mar. 1996)

19.10.  FI 15th World Congress, 'On lesbian/gay liberation' (2003), point 27

19.11.  FI 14th World Congress, 'Building the International today' (from IVP, spring 1996)

19.5.       Penny Duggan, The Feminist Challenge to Traditional Political Organizing, IIRE Working Paper no. 33 (Jan. 1997)